Introducing Rosstek - a passionate Dutch mobile photographer since the Nokia N8

I have had the honour to introduce mobile photographers whose work I admire and really think deserves your attention. Like – in no particular order -  Javier Garcia GonzaloDetkoDaveTopolino70Baron ChatMs. JenDaniel CheongRichard DormanMohamed Ahmed Saleh and - recently Deepak Khoenie.

Please do check the previous posts I linked to if you haven’t done so already, I promiss you their work is worth your time!

This post is about Rosstek's photography, which came as an unexpected surprise to me, and I'm not even completely sure how anymore - must have been through Twitter. He remains somewhat of a mystery after contacting him (in fact I'm not even sure Rosstek is male or female, I'm just assuming).

It appears that Rosstek likes to stay anonymous, but he was willing to share some information with me for this post. Since he (or she) is Dutch, I'll start with a typical scene from the Netherlands.

Rosstek - 7

As a teenager, Rosstek started in the nineties with an old Praktica DSLR. Next he bought his first cheap compact camera's - analogue first, digital later. He must be just as passionate about mobile, since he exactly knows which devices he used.

He started with a Sony CMD-C1 and after that it was "Nothing but a Nokia": 3210, 3510i, 5140, N80, N95, 5800, N97mini, N8, 808 PureView, Lumia 920 and now Lumia 1020.

He captured this scene - from the new metro in Amsterdam looking up to its classic Central Station - with the Nokia 808 PureView.

Rosstek - 1

Here"s what I can quote from Rosstek:
"The Nokia N8 was a turning point for me, being the first smartphone with a camera proving to be better than my simple compact camera. Since I own the Nokia 808 PureView, the only reason to bring my compact camera on holiday is as backup. Since the 808 I decided to choose for quality, instead of quantity - at least for what I'm sharing with others.

From my Nokia 808 PureView shots, about 95% hasn't been touched at all, and all the original full resolution files are on Flickr. With the Lumia 1020 I only shoot in raw .DNG and develop my shots in Lightroom. I'm learning from each shot in fact - often the 5MP results from the 1020 itself appear to be better than what I developed myself.  

I wouldn't want to miss the DNG option on the Lumia 1020 for the world. Raw offers an endless amount of possibilities, you can really "own" your shot, give it your own signature. Working on a shot with Lightroom costs a lot of time. Where the Nokia 808 PureView sometimes gives me a better result than the 1020, its Raw option really makes up for it."

That's all I know, so from here his/her work has to speak for itself. I'm sure it's more than strong enough to do so. He has a great eye for nature as well as architecture, geomatric patterns and old walls, as you will see in some of the shots I downloaded from Rosstek's work  on Flickr.

I'm not linking to the shots directly - not because I'm too lazy, but I'd like you to see all of his shots for yourself, and make your own selection.

Rosstek - 2 Rosstek - 3 Rosstek - 4 Rosstek - 5 Rosstek - 6

Rosstek 8 - Nokia 808 PureView Rosstek 10 - Nokia 808 PureView Rosstek 11 - Nokia 808 PureView Rosstek 12 - Nokia 808 PureView Rosstek 13 - Nokia Lumia 1020 Rpsstek 14 - Nokia Lumia 1020

Rosstek 9 - Nokia 808 PureView

Like I wrote - Rosstek for some reason likes to remain a bit of a mystery. Maybe that will change later. I'm seriously impressed by his/her shots, you will find all of them in the different sets on Flickr.

Again, I didn't link to the shots directly since I'd prefer you to enjoy all of the shots there yourself. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think about them here though :-)

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