The PureView Wish List - what would you like to see on your next PureView device? (UPDATED)

After the start of my new poll yesterday, here at the club but also on Facebook and Twitter I already received quite a few interesting reactions what you would like to see on your next PureView flagship.

So I decided to start this post, the PureView Wish List. Here, I'll present the suggestions I receive from you, readers, probably the biggest Fans of PureView on the planet :-)

This list will be continuously updated: you might add your suggestion below as well, I'll add them to this post later. I hope this will prove to be a source of inspiration for the Imaging Team that is now part of Microsoft Mobiles, the very same team that brought PureView to Nokia since the incredible Nokia 808.

I'll put my first suggestions (from the poll) on top, so they won't go unnoticed in this post :-)

- Bring back the 41MP sensor. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but hey, never hurts to keep promoting the ZoomReinvented thing and already it's the option most voted for.

- Include a micro-SD slot (another no-brainer)

- Make it waterproof. Now this seems kind of funny for an imaging device, but I really think this has been a very strong USP from Sony for years and now that the Galaxy S5 offers the same it's about time the next Lumia PureView will be waterproof as well. There are quite a few shots I couldn't make outside fearing I'd damage my Lumia 1020.

808 + 1020 640 x 360

I completely rewrote what you've been adding up until now (49 responses so far!) and I'm really impressed with what you all came up with I must admit - I do hope the Imaging Team over at (now) Microsoft will take note of these suggestions, quite a few of these are very valuable I think!

I tried to make some sort of praticle division between the wishes for hardware and software etc, you'll see it all below, enjoy! :-)


- Isocell BSI 41MP sensor (high ISO sensor)
- or: 20MP w/ 2/3″ sensor for bigger microns
- Big sensor but less pixels
- Larger or variable aperture
- Optical zoom
- ND filter
- Better macro capabilities
- Secondary sensor for macro shots
- Remote control using IR, RF or Bluetooth.
- Dual LED and Xenon flash
- Better front camera (8MP)
- Graphene sensor
- Lens cover
- Waterproof

- Quadcore CPU
- 5" 1080p Display, Gorilla Glass
- OLED display with the Assertive display technology
- or: make it smaller but a bit thicker (for bigger sensor)
- 64 GB of internal memory
- 3000 or even 5000 mAh battery
- HDMI support
- USB OTG support
- USB 3
- 128GB micro-SD support
- Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor with 64bit support
- FM transmitter
- Better audio speakers
- Support for external audio cards
- Notification light


- Longer shutter speed (up to 30 secs minimum)
- Lower ISO
- Reduced shot to shot time
- Decent HDR capability
- Improve panorama / burst mode
- Improve the touchscreen interface (see Leica)
- In phone conversion of DNG to JPG
- Allow user to turn on/off OIS
- Bring back interval capture mode
- Dynamic focusing on moving objects
- Lock the screen in timelapse and video
- Bring back a "pro" camera application
- Add more resolutions (2MP, 3MP, 8MP)
- fast shortcut for delete, share and crop
- Add software button for aspect ratio (16:9 / 4:3 / 3:2)
- Add pro-mode editing function like photproc on 808
- Zooming in Raw .DNG image.

- More settings in video mode while recording (flash on/off, manual focus, pause)
- Manual focus and flash control during video
- 120 fps video frame rate (for slow motion video)
- or: 60 FPS on 1080p, 90 FPS on 720p, 120 FPS on 360p 30 FPS on 4k
- Improve White Balance in video mode
- All imaging settings we have in photo’s in regard to exposure

- More accessories like filters, optical/telephoto lenses

Already there
- Rich / Directional recording
- 5.1 surround sound capture (coming to Cyan already in 1520 and 930)
- Xenon flash (on 1020, more powerful or with power control)

Wishful thinking
- 128GB internal memory
- Less noise at higher ISO
- Inbuilt stand for long exposure shots
- APK (android) support
- Move to android

Well, this is quite a Wish List, isn't it?  I'll even change the recent poll here soon, since it has become competely superfluous after all this.

Someone suggested to make the Raw. DNG format available on all PureView devices, but I'm not sure if it's possible, nor if it would be very useful on the 920, 925 and 928. Although it's not for a "next PureView device" I do think it's a nice addition to this Wish List. I'm quite sure the 808 PureView will never see Raw .DNG however.

I'd appreciate you sharing more ideas below, but please do check the Wish List so far. I'll add them if your ideas are not on the Wish List. As always, you're free to react below anyway.

Thank you all so much for contibuting, I'll make sure the Imaging Team will take note of this post!

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