PureViewClub is open for 2 years! Send your shots, share your own Nokia imaging history

I suddenly realized I started the PureViewClub two years ago - in May it opened its doors. With this post (I admit it's a bit late :-) I'm celebrating the club's second "birthday" to so say. And I thought of what made me so crazy about Nokia's PureView technology.

I remember the day I heard about the 41MP sensor - and my instant reaction that it must have been a typo in the press release. It seemed such a "giant step for mankind" after the 12MP on the Nokia N8 - 14MP simply seemed more logical.

But I learnt it wasn't a typo and I was in shock... How was it possible nothing even ever leaked about this device, with imaging specifications that were no less than spectacular? Everyday I attended the Mobile World Congress that year, I've been going to the Nokia stand to admire the Nokia 808 PureView.

Why did that device make me fall more or less in love with it? The unheard-of, almost insane possibilities it offered I guess. I couldn't care less it ran on the "classic" Symbian OS. At the Nokia stand on the MWC, I saw walls printed with one single shot from the 808 PureView - and the image was sharp!

Also, working for a radio station in daily life, the amazing sound quality in the Rich Recording demo absolutely blew me away.

The first social medium I used to promote the club was Twitter, and the first PureViewClub tweet ( May 13 2012)was about the first video I shared on YouTube, my first full HD video report shot with the Nokia 808 PureView during the Mobile World Congress. You'll hear me talking in Dutch since I didn't think of an English site yet...

May 14 2012 I sent out the first invitation to join the PureViewClub:

First invitation to the PureViewClub

Well, it's a start :-)

But let me go back even further, to understand why the Nokia 808 PureView made such a deep impression on me.

We have to go back 13 years even: the year 2001. I earnt some money that year with my first publications, the very first being a review of the Nokia 9210 (the link takes you to the Dutch review I shared on my own site much later).

I renewed my contract and bought the Nokia 9210 Communicator myself, in the Wireless Imaging Pack! It cost a fortune, but with this I had my own miniature laptop and I could directly share the shots I made with the Concord Eye-Q camera with it!

Nokia 9210 met Concord

Unfortunately, I don't have these any more - something's gotta give when you want to get your hands on new stuff. So the next shot I got is from Google.

Nokia Concord Wireless Imaging

And yes, I realize it doesn't really count, since it's not a built-in camera - but after this I defenitely couldn't afford the Nokia 7650 the next year (and it took me a long time before I found one in mint condition, as you can see in this Nokia Time Warp :-)

Anyway, it was my start with "mobile imaging": capturing a shot and being able to immediately share it with other people (although I needed the IR connection with my 9210).

Here's one of the first shots I captured that year - I don't even have to resize it, all the shots were 640 x 480 - picked this shot since it also has "Nokia" in it :-) nokia

After this, my next major camera phone would become the Nokia N95 (followed by the N95 8GB). I made an insane amount of shots with those two devices - several thousands.

I can hardly choose which one to share, so since we're celebrating, let me just try to put a smile on your face :-)

Smile - Nokia 95 8GB

Needed to resize that one of course, the 5MP shots already offered a fantastic amount of detail? Care for a crop? Why not :-)

Smile - Nokia 95 8GB 640 x 480 crop

And of course, my next Nokia imaging device was the inevitable Nokia N8. From this phone, I could share an insane amount of shots as well... In fact, I think I will add a Nokia N8 Folder to the PureViewClub Flickr account one of these days, since I'm still - and maybe even more than ever - deeply impressed with the quality the N8 offered me.

To conclude for now, I'll just share one shot from my Nokia N8 here, captured in Barcelona in 2012, one day before the Mobile World Congress was going to open. Nokia flags were waving proudly over the city of Barcelona - and the world still knew nothing about the Nokia 808 PureView...

Nokia N8 MWC 2012 2

In short (more or less), that's my Nokia mobile imaging history. Now, can you tell me yours? Please let me know below: what was your first Nokia imaging device, which one did you like the most, which one still gives you the best memories, which camera still amazes you?

If you want, you can share your favorites shots in my Facebook timeline (please like :-) or send me your favorite Nokia shots of all time - no more than one per device and no more than three shots! - and tell me why you love them so much.

I don't care if you captured them with the Nokia 7650 up to the Nokia Lumia Icon - as long as you've used a Nokia device. Again: one shot per device, three shots max.

Just send me your absolute favorite(s) if you'd like a chance to be featured here at the PureViewClub! The better the story you write about it, the more chance you'll have :-)

Send your own Nokia favorite(s) (preferably in the best resolution you have) to pureviewclub at gmail dot com (writing it this way to avoid bots). I'm really looking forward to your reactions!

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