Dazzling results from the Lumia Arc of Wonder

One of the things I really like about Nokia is the way their devices appear to inspire so many people. You can tell not just by an amazing amount of fantastic shots (you should really follow @pureviewclub on Twitter to understand what I mean), but there are also artists that bring photography to the next level.

Wth the help of Nokia/Microsoft, of course - I don't see anyone actually buying no less than fifity (!) of the Lumia 1020 like Paul Trillo needed to create his amazing " Multi Lumia Arc ofWonder" (the link takes you to Nokia Conversations).

In the "making of" video you can hear Paul Trillo talking about how he wanted to capture the "New York City Moments" by"freezing time and turning the world upside down". It's really worth your time to see how they did that, too. All 50 Lumia's for instance, were controlled by Microsoft's Surface and software that was designed for the Arc. Amazing.

On YouTube

Below you'll see the result of this Arc of Wonder - I think the end result is dazzling in every sense of the word. Extra confusing is they added a fitting soundtrack to this "video". Enjoy! :-)

On YouTube

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