Pre-PureView - my shots from the Nokia N8

It took me a while to make this selection of 44 from well over a thousand shots from my Nokia N8, captured between 2011 and 2012 in Barcelona, Hilversum (Netherlands), Sitges (Spain) and Stalida (Crete).

The Nokia N8 wasn't labeled as "PureView" in those days, but I think it could have - even after my vast experience with the Nokia 808 PureView, I'm still impressed with the quality I got from the N8. Moreover: Damian Dinning was already deeply involved in its development (like with the Nokia N95), so I'll consider it Pre-PureView. I'll just share 15 resized shots here, you'll find all 44 original formats in a  dedicated album on Flickr. Nokia N8 - 1 Nokia N8 - 2 Nokia N8 - 3 Nokia N8 - 4 Nokia N8 - 5 Nokia N8 - 6 Nokia N8 - 7 Nokia N8 - 8 Nokia N8 - 9 Nokia N8 - 10 Nokia N8 - 11 Nokia N8 - 12 Nokia N8 - 13 Nokia N8 - 14 Nokia N8 - 15 Guess these are the shots dearest to me, again: you'll find all original shots and even 29 more in a  dedicated album on Flickr. Enjoy! :-)