The Verge: iPhone 5S best smartphone camera

It's been a while and this might a bit off-topic, but I can't resist writing about Verge's new This Is My Next "buying guide for the future".

The first episode is about the best smartphone, and the Verge bluntly states the iPhone 5S simply is the best you can buy: "two things really set the iPhone 5S apart: its camera and its ecosystem."

Verge reporter David Pierce says: "The 8MP camera is the most consistent, sharpest, simplest camera smartphone camera you'll find. Other smartphones offer cool features the iPhone doesn't, but there's just nothing that matches its picture quality or ease of use."

Well, I think there are far too many smartphone cameras around to just state the iPhone is best at being "most consistent and simplest". And I simply refuse to believe that "there's nothing that matches its picture quality".

I'm quite sure it's okay, I'll accept it's far above average even - but I won't buy it offers the best picture quality. It won't come as a surprise to you I believe the Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 1020 are King in this area.

Talking about Lumia, the Verge says: "You might find yourself looking at a Windows Phone like the Lumia Icon or the Lumia 925, but even though they have good cameras and hugely improved software thanks to Windows Phone 8.1, they still don't have the app selection or general performance the best iOS and Android devices do.".

When the smartphone camera is considered to be that important, not even mentioning the Nokia Lumia 1020 is almost hilarious. As I think the way The Verge is complaining about Windows Phone app selection and performance is pretty old-fashioned.

First runner up is the HTC One M8, although the camera is "the big compromise". That's sort of funny, since the camera was one of the most important reasons to prefer the iPhone 5S over everything else. It's HTC's design that wins here, since The Verge must know the second runner up simply has quite a bit more to offer.

Second runner up is the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the way The Verge is putting this smartphone down is seriously making me wonder if this wasn't sponsored by Apple in the first place.

The Galaxy S5 "takes good but unspectacular pictures pretty much all the time. Actually anything about the S5 is good but unspectacular. I has a good screen, some useful software features and great battery life. And it's waterproof, which I really like.

But it has a plasticy design, which is better than last year's S4 but still not exactly attractive. And it's still too full of overbearing and unnecessary software and bloopy sound effects to really be a great enjoyable device. There's nothing terrible aobut the S5 except maybe the design, but there's really nothing to be all that excited about either".

Well... That reads like the S5 is actually very good in just about all respects (it's even waterproof!) but the Verge simply doesn't want to put it that way since the reviewer doesn't like the design.

Other runners up are: Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Motorola Droid Maxx, Moto X - and as David Pierce puts it: "honestly that's really the end of the list of phones you should consider". Wait what?

Is the Verge seriously putting the Moto X in the same list as the Apple iPhone 5S, be it at the end of the list? There as so many other devices that could be put there. Is it because those are "not from America"? Speaking of which: where is the new Sony Xperia Z2? Where is the new LG G3? They certainly got very high marks in The Verge's reviews.

This first episode of "this is my next" certainly looks very well produced and promising in that respect - as we may expect from the Verge. Other than that it looks like their advice about what should be your "next" is more about design than about pure quality.

As for me, the iPhone 5S would probably be my last choice. Here's This Is My Next if you want to check it out all yourself. I wonder what you think.

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