Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia PureView (1)

Again, I've dozens of shots to compare and even after "killing my darlings" they won't fit into one post. Moreover, I have many more shots to make since I can only use the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for a few more days :-/

I'll write a longer review of the Galaxy K Zoom later, but let me describe what's it like to work with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom in the first place? Well: it sure is fun. The display has 4.8 inches and it's a Super AMOLED, so colors are lovely. Resolution is 720 x 1080 pixels, which of course will give you a pretty sharp (306 PPI) image as well, although it isn't Full HD as on the Galaxy S5 (432 PPI).

Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy K ZoomAnd although the device is pretty big - a bit like a full-grown Nokia 808 PureView - it's amazing how Samsung managed to get a 10x optical zoom in there. Your lens is always protected when you're not using the camera, it opens remarkably fast, there's an impressive amount of different settings to choose from and if you like to get closer to your subject it's close to impossible to beat an optical zoom.

There's a lot more to write about it of course, but I'll save that for my review later. First two scenes I captured with it and with several of Nokia's PureView devices. First the (inevitable) flowers in the sun. Flowers because they always make for a nice colorful shot and offer great detail to compare.

Here's the scene as captured with the Nokia 808 PureView (8MP, resized)

1 Nokia 808 PureView 8MPAnd here's the same scene with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (20MP, resized)

1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 20MPBoth devices were on "auto settings". You can tell by the shades the light was pretty much the same, but the Galaxy K Zoom gives quite a bit of a lighter result in this case, something you'll see in other comparisons as well. I'd like to add the Nokia 808 PureView appears to be a bit too dark in this case on the other hand.

Now let's move on to the crops. I didn't make screenshots this time, but all 640 x 480 crops, so I don't need to resize them this way. To get as close as possible, here's the crop from the Nokia 808 PureView's 38MP result.

1 Nokia 808 PureView 38MP

To profit from the "oversampling" PureView effect, here's a crop from the shot I took when fully zooming in at 8MP with the Nokia 808.

1 Nokia 808 PureView 8MP Zoom

Since the Nokia 808 PureView zooms in on the sensor, you'll see the size of the crop is exactly the same, but I do seem to have lost some "noise". Keep in mind these are two different shots though: looks like there was a bit more sun in the second capture - changing of the light is very hard to avoid on a sunny day in the Netherlands.

Now let's move on to the Galaxy K Zoom. First the crop from its original 20MP shot (no zoom)

1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 20MP

That's a pretty clean shot I'd say, with comparable detail. Now let's zoom in. Here's  the original shot with 10x optical zoom (resized of course, it's still a 20MP capture)

1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 20MP 10 x zoomNow, let's crop our way into this result - 640 x 480 pixels from the original shot.

1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom 20MP 10 x zoomSo this is the amount of detail you'll get with a 20MP sensor and 10x optical zoom (I'm sure someone can do the math to compare it to 38MP).

Next: a few much less colorful shots and crops, coming from a platform on a very small train station, captured with the Galaxy K Zoom and three Nokia flagships (808, 1020 and 1520). Here's the resized version coming from the Nokia Lumia 1020 (5MP)

9 Nokia Lumia 1020 5MPAnd here's the resized version from the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MPLight conditions were exactly the same at the beginning of the evening, all settings were on auto once more, and again you see the Galaxy K Zoom gives quite a bit lighter result.

Let's compare the crop coming from the last shot (so the Galaxy K Zoom - no zoom)

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP... with the result I got from the Nokia Lumia 1520's 20MP sensor...

9 Nokia Lumia 1520 20MP

By the crops you can tell the size of the sensors is quite similar- to be exact it's 20.15MP (Galaxy K Zoom) vs 18.69MP (Nokia Lumia 1520) in 4:3 aspect ratio (in other words, on the Lumia 1520 you'll use 19MP from its 20MP sensor).

Both crops aren't extremely detailed, the fact that the Galaxy K Zoom gives a lighter result is an advantage in this case I'd say. Next up, the Nokia Lumia 1020's 38MP result cropped. With a sensor almost twice as large, the text becomes (more ore less) readable.

9 Nokia Lumia 1020 38MPAnd it's even much better coming from the Nokia's 808 PureView at 38MP - more readable also because it happened to capture a way brighter result (not sure why though...)

9 Nokia 808 PureView 38MPThis is just to show you how much detail you can get from the sensors all devices not using the optical zoom. Obviously, 38MP gives you the most. If you do however start zooming in with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, it's no surprise you'll get a lot (!) closer.

Below, you'll see the results with 3x, 6x, 10x optical zoom.

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP zoom 3x 9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP Zoom 6x 9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP Zoom 10The result in 10x optical zoom is opbviously better than the detail you'll see from the 38MP sensor. And of course you can go even beyond the 10x optical zoom and use another 10x digital zoom - which still gives a surprisingly sharp image.

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP Zoom 20xAnd of course, I can even crop my way into these zoomed results. Here they are - you don't need to understand Dutch to see how sharp the actual results are, although if you do, you might have already noticed a typo in the text itself (which I didn't notice until looking more closely at these shots).

Again: 3x, 6x and 10x optical zoom, cropped to 640 x 480. It's because of the sunlit tree behind the glass panel you'll see the text becoming not as readable in the first crop.

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP zoom 3x 9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP Zoom 6x 9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP Zoom 10And you can't get much closer than in the 20x zoom... 9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP Zoom 20xOf course, I wouldn't recommend using the 10x optical + 10x digital zoom, but you see you may still expect accepable results.

So much for this first two comparisons. There are more to come, in different situations, and I'm hoping to record some video with the Galaxy K Zoom as well (I'm not expecting too much from it's audio recording capacities, but let's see).

Like I said, I only have a few more days left with the K Zoom and it looks like weather conditions will be pretty bad this weekend, so I really hope to get some good material apart from what I already have.

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