Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia PureView (2)

Here we go again, a few of many more comparisons to come between the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom versus several of Nokia's PureView devices. Maybe you'd like to know how it compares to for instance the Xperia Z2, but I had to send that back already (moreover, I can't keep carrying more than seven smartphones everyday :-).

First, I'd like to pick up where I left the previous post, the shot from the patform at the small train station - this is how I captured it with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP

Now in this case, I won't be zooming in with the K Zoom (it's obvious forte) - I just want to see how the several devices perform without using any zoom. For this, I made a crop of the rooftop that was lit by the evening sun.

First, I'll show you the crops from the most similar sensors: that of the K Zoom (first 20MP) and the Nokia Lumia 1520 (second, 19MP). Keep in mind the Lumia isn't profiting from any "PureView" (oversampling) technique here.

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP

9 Nokia Lumia 1520 19MP

They come pretty close I must say. Samsung's Galaxy K Zoom clearly got a brighter result so tends to show a bit more detail. Noise wise though, I don't think there is much difference in this case, do you?

While I'm at it, let's see the crops I got from the Nokia 808 PureView and the Lumia 1020 in this case - I know you still love me to compare those as well.

9 Nokia 808 PureView 38MP 9 Nokia Lumia 1020 38MP b zoom

Not only does the Nokia 808 PureView give a brighter result - comparable to the Galaxy K Zoom I'd say - it clearly shows more detail and less noise than the Lumia 1020.

To conclude, maybe you'd like to see what another Samsung does with the same scene. I had to send the Galaxy S5 back as well unfortunately, so the Note 3 is my "daily driver" on Android these days (yes, I do use Windows Phone and Android).

It has a smaller sensor (13MP in 4:3) and here's what it will give you.

9 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Acceptable detail, I'd say, for a sensor this size. Mind you, Samsung's Galaxy S5 uses the full 16MP in 4:3 and with Sony's Xperia Z2 I could have used the full 20MP as well. You just can't have it all :-)

The next scene is from a moving train. Bit of a darker situation. Light coming in from the window is more or less constant, depening on the amount of trees or buildings we pass during the ride. All settings are on auto, also because I'm moving at about 100km/h while taking these shots: low ISO settings would have given me blurry shots, no doubt.

This is the scene as captured with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. As you can see, I sometimes bring my bike (which makes for a typical Dutch scene I guess :-)

7 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP b

As you will see in the originals on Flickr, this time I got the brightest results from the Galaxy K Zoom and the Nokia Lumia 1020. Not sure if the latter is brighter because of the OIS or incoming light though.

Let's move on to the crops. First: the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom compared with the Nokia Lumia 1520 (20MP vs 19MP)

7 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP b

7 Nokia Lumia 1520 20MP

Now in fact I'm surprised to see not just the brighter shot coming from the Galaxy K Zoom, but also some kind of reflection - I checked if I accidently didn't have the flash on: I didn't. So I guess it must be the incoming light at the time of the shot. In general though, the result coming from the Galaxy K Zoom is sharper.

There might be another reason for that too though - I have to be honest with you: I focused on the window with the Lumia 1520, to prevent the light burning out (focusing on the brightest part will have no effect with the Galaxy K Zoom with all settings on auto).

Since the train was moving it's impossible to compare the crops from both shots, I just want to show you the incredible detail I got from the Lumia 1520 at this speed... - call it an intermezzo.

7 Nokia Lumia 1520 38MP

Remarkable, isn't it? Anyway, let's move on to the Nokia 808 PureView (first) and Lumia 1020 (second) once more. Both show the same reflection I saw in the Galaxy K Zoom

7 Nokia 808 PureView 38MP 7 Nokia Lumia 1020 38MP a

Again, you'll see the bigger sensor from the 808 PureView gives you less noise and more detail... That can't be much of a surprise for the more experienced club visitor I guess. Which is surprising however - to me it is at least - is that Samsung's Galaxy K Zoom does perform pretty well compared to the Nokia Lumia 1520...

It's too early to come to any definite conclusions though - and I'll admit this last comparison is far from ideal being a bit too dynamice probably. But you know I'm often comparing shot in daily life situations and this just happened to be one of them.

There's more to come, although time is not really on my side: only a few more days left with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom... (and boy am I waiting for the Nokia Lumia 930!). I added the several shots from the train ride to the special album on Flickr for you to compare in detail. Don't hesitate to share your thought below, I love to read what you make of all this.

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