Loyal PureViewClub member Endijs Gütmanis' Nokia History

Celebrating the PureViewClub started two years ago, on May 18 I asked you to send me your own favorite PureView shots and if possible a good story to go with it.

Many reacted directly under the post itself, but loyal PureViewClub visitor Endijs Gütmanis from Latvia sent me his story by e-mail and a few of his shots - and I think it's high time I share it here now. So everything you read and see below is by Endijs Gütmanis.

I will try to keep it short! My first experience with a mobile camera was when I saw a Siemens S55. I was very impressed that you could capture a photo with your phone but I didn’t ever use it. My first cell phone was the Nokia 5210 and my very fist camera phone was the Nokia 6670 – 1MP camera was very impressive at that time!

After the 6670 I owned the Nokia N95 - and already after taking a few shots with it I started to understand how powerful camera phones can be. I won’t share any photo taken with N95, because in all the good photos there are people, so I want to keep them private.

After N95 I had the Nokia N8. I got to know about the N8 through a TV commercial and my jaws dropped when I heard about a 12MP sensor. I had a 5MP shooter in the N95, I couldn’t even imagine to double that and even add 2MP more! (5*2+2=12 :-) Bad thing is that I didn’t know much about photography when I owned the N95 or the N8, so I haven't any brilliant shots to share from them!

When using N8 I came across a tech blog and my first reaction on title about Nokia 808 was same as Marc’s reaction – he wrote: "I remember the day I heard about the 41MP sensor – and my instant reaction that it must have been a typo in the press release. It seemed such a “giant step for mankind” after the 12MP on the Nokia N8 – 14MP simply seemed more logical."

Same here, I was shocked! 41 or 14MP? I googled and I just stared at all the results, didn’t find any it should indeed be 14MP...

Up until now, I took 4676 photo with the 808 PureView, they all are in my PC and it was incredibly hard to choose only one photo to share with you, but I did it and I think – not only this is a best photo taken with 808, but it is the best photo I ever took in my entire life!

Endijs Gütmanis - Nokia 808 PV (1) 640 x 360

After the 808 PureView I moved to my first Windows Phone and its first quad core, Full HD and a first phablet at the same time - not only for Nokia, but for me too! It wasn’t as impressive as 808, but there are some areas where my 1520 shines and it is HDR and long exposure where you can set shatter speed to 4s.

I have taken only 386 photos since 3. January 2014, but even from 386 photos it was hard to choose between two photos – of course long exposure and HDR, but I choose HDR just because this landscape was so beautiful in the morning sun!

Endijs Gütmanis - Nokia Lumia 1520 640 x 360

So much for my experience with Nokia phones. This was as short as possible - I have more to tell, but sadly, there is my English knowledge’s holding me back a bit :-/

Let me conclude by writing I bought my first Nokia on October 5 in 2002, and I remembered that day as it was yesterday, I needed to choose between the Nokia 5210 and Siemens C45 – I am so happy to make the right decision! My phone history since then: Nokia 5210, 7210, 3220, 6670, N95, N8, 808 PureView and Lumia 1520.

Endijs Gütmanis, Latvia

I'd like to thank Endijs for his time sharing this at the PureViewClub - much appreciated! You can follow him on  Twitter and see his photography on  Flickr and Instagram. And I remember buying my first cell phone, too - I had to choose between an Ericsson (think it was the S 868) and the Nokia 6150.

I'm still happy I made the right choice for me as well, although I did own quite a few devices by Sony Ericsson later as well (and many other brands for that matter - I'm a bit of a junkie as far as smartphones are concerned...)

If Endijs' story inspired you to share your own "Nokia History" feel free to do so below! :-)

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