Nokia Time Warp: unpacking the Nokia 7650, captured with the Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 7650 is epic because this model represents the genesis of Nokia's mobile photography. I wrote a long post  celebrating the tenth anniversary of mobile photography, but I never owned a Nokia 7650 myself - up until today that is: I recently bought one, 11 years later, as good as new. Why?

Because I never owned it before to begin with. And because I loved the idea of capturing the very first Nokia camera phone with the very best: that came from it: the Nokia 808 PureView. The resolution from the incredible sensor of Nokia's 808 PureView is lightyears away from the 640 x 480 pixels you could admire in the Nokia 7650.

The maximum result is in fact about 124 (!) times bigger (just imagine your salary will be one day :-). The Nokia 7650 was the first European phone you could make shots with ánd share them! So it really is the genesis of the whole concept of sharing pictures. Nokia of course wrote so on the box. This box, to be more precise: With this on one side: And this on the other side: A crop from this shot to show you how Nokia communicated the concept of sharing in detail - very simple, in several languages. This is what you see opening the box - it must have been spectacular to see back then! In 2002, you got at least a software-CD with your smartphone... But there's more under there: a lot of old-fashioned amount of printed material a well... Of course, all extra documentation is in Dutch, but I guess you´ll get the general idea. All that extra stuff I've just shown could be found under this box - containing The Device Itself. And yes, the headset  I think) is missing in this picture. I'm sure I have one somewhere though. First close up: the screen protector is still attached to the screen. Next shot gives some important "historical information": the price tag from about 11 years ago is still there. From that you learn smartphones have become a lot better, but a lot cheaper at the same time. You had to pay more for the Nokia 7650 (€630) than the Nokia Lumia 920 will cost you now in this country (€599, including a wireless charger even), not counting more than ten years of inflation. I think that's quite amazing in fact. There it is. The first mobile camera lens. It doesn't say Carl Zeiss yet. Joining forces with Carl Zeiss (with the Nokia N90) was of course a brilliant move. From the side it seems "quite thick". That impression is correct. It feels like a light hand grenade. You will see some interesting comparisons further on... Will it work after 11 years? Yes, Nokia is still Connecting People! :-) The classic Symbian  menu, in Dutch. Note there is some color in the screen already - not much, but very avant-garde at the time! Below you'll see four of the pre-installed MultiMedia Messages. I find it hard to believe these were used a lot in fact. If anyone has any numbers about the amount of MMS sent in the first years I'm curious to know. MMS was the magic word in those days, the possibility to share your own shots was simply revolutionary - but the operators made it a very expensive hobby for the owner of the Nokia 7650 at about €1 per message... I'm convinced that's the only reason why MMS would never be as succesful as SMS... Here's he 7650 keyboard up close, and the menu button on the left side of the upper part. Keys are quite small and thin by the way... Not extremely practicle. But design was cool, that's for sure. So here it is in my hand - be it 11 years later: the first Nokia smartphone with a built-in camera. The start of mobile photography. The thing that appeared to make me tick... Back in those days, I couldn't afford the Nokia 7650, since I spent a crazy fortune on the Nokia 9210, in a package including a seperate camera (the Concord Eye-Q) you could connect through IrDA. Back to the future In the next four shots I'll show you the Nokia 7650 compared to the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 920. Interesting to see how complaints about their size seem a bit funny, compared to that of their great great-grandfather :-) First: the Nokia 808 PureView compared to the Nokia 7650. I had a lot of fun making shots unpacking the Nokia 7650. Hope you enjoyed them too! :-) Did you ever use the Nokia 7650? Do you still have those very first mobile pictures? If you have something to share, please let me know.

They represent the embryonic stage of mobile photography and I'd be interested to share them here if you'd like me to. Thanks! PS Here's my previous post about my Nokia Collection (although it's  not as complete anymore :-/). If you like historical stuff like this, maybe you'll like this article as well. It's in Dutch, but Google Tanslate might help you out.

Update: If you want to have a look at these shots real close, they're on Flickr. You'll find the complete series of the Nokia Time Warp here:

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