A PureView on Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour

A few days ago I was stunned by some shots shared on Twitter from Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, captured with the Nokia 808 PureView. I contacted the photographer, Jacques Kwok, to ask him if he would mind if I'd like to share a few more of the shots he shares on Flickr as TSOriginaux.

Luckily, he liked the idea and sent me a few of the originals I asked for. You will only see the resized versions of those in this post. First, four more or less similar shots from Victoria Harbour taken at different times of the day.

After those you'll see two more of the results he got from his Nokia 808 PureView, and I can only urge you to visit his Nokia 808 set on Flickr, since there is so much more to enjoy from Hong Kong and his camera. Shots that really make me want to visit the place...

The next two were the ones that made me contact the Jacques Kwok - amazing shots, I think.

And it's time!

Gotta run...

Like I wrote, there is much more on his Nokia 808 set on Flickr... Don't forget to check it out! :-)

PS   In both shots with the big cruise ship, you might have noticed a red spot  on top of a building. First I'll admit I thought it was some distortion, but seeing it in both shots it had to be something else. Jacques Kwok wrote me it's a large advertisement LED display. Just in case you wondered as well.

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