Nokia Time Warp II: unpacking the Nokia 9000 Communicator, captured with the Nokia 808

As I hope you have seen, I recently shared a "Nokia Time Warp" with the first Nokia 7650 camera phone. Much sooner than I ever hoped for, I now can share a second edition in which the present captures the past... And it's all about what's in this box... The box of the very first Nokia Communicator, the Nokia 9000... A revolutionary device! It would allow you to be on the internet of those days. My first Communicator was the Nokia 9110. I couldn't afford it, but I traded it with someone who preferred my much smaller...  Siemens C35 (!) - can you believe that? I'll never forget it, had to travel by train for a few hours (didn't drive a car yet), but the trade was worth every minute. After that, I spent a fortune on the Nokia 9210, in a special package including a (Concord Eye-Q) compact camera that would capture shots in a 640 x 480 resolution. I could send its  pictures to my first Communicator using IrDA. State of the art back then (2001). I loved my 9210, thought it was the coolest mini "laptop" on earth. Used it for over a year. My last Communicator was the E90. For reasons only true Nokians know, it could not be called a "Communicator" anymore. I loved to use that smartphone for a long time as well. Today I went through another Nokia Time Warp. This time, I got a mint Nokia 9000 Communicator! The very first Communicator. As we speak, the battery is still charging, but I´m not expecting too much from it anymore. It´s a 1996 device, you can't blame any battery after more than 15 years, can you? Too bad it's impossible to find a replacement though. I shot the unpacking with the Nokia 808 PureView, so here once more, present meets past. The shots aren't all as perfect as I would have liked them to be, but I hope you'll enjoy these shots nevertheless. At the bottom of this post you will find a video on YouTube where I have put them all together..... I made a lot of shots with my Nokia 808 PureView and I'll guide you where necessary. Here's the first Nokia Communicator! Several shots "out of the box" This is the side you should talk to - the back side! Battery compartment showing already a "normal" simcard is needed. Not the "credit card format", that is. The battery is in dire need of replacement... You need a seperate connector to charge the Nokia 9000 A data cable is in the package as well, like manuals in several languages, and even "a mysterious" looking invitation - probably leading to Club Nokia (this is the first time I realise Nokia used the "club" concept years ago :-) And of course, you'll need some software... It's still on a disk - the type my 11 year old daughter has never really seen in her life. To conclude, here's a video compilation of these shots... No music, not different, just easier to watch the same shots on your PC - and this time you can enjoy the 8MP originals to fill your whole screen. Enjoy (and don't forget to choose 1080p if your connection is fast enough :-) Update: If you want to have an even closer look at the original shots, they're on Flickr.

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