A very happy winner of the Nokia 808 PureView!

Well it took some time, but today, in a town in Hungary, David Detko received the Nokia 808 PureView he won in the Creative Mode Contest here at the PureViewClub. He's glad and yes, I was glad as well that I could announce him as one of the winners.

Why? Because I thought his entry was very impressive, using many of the shots he made when he had the Nokia 808 PureView during a trial period.

And because I think David Detko is an incredibly talented photographer who works miracles with smartphone photography - in his case the N9 and a trial version of the Nokia 808 PureView. If you don't know his work yet, or if you doubt my judgment, please check out his sets at 500PX.

David Detko was kind enough to send me an exclusive as well. I think it's the first published portrait of himself, holding the Nokia 808 PureView in front of a great scene on televison. ..

Congratulations David, I'm sure all visitors of the PureViewClub are looking forward to see your new Nokia 808 PureView shots!