New Delhi Lotus Temple, Nokia 808 PureView

To be completely honest, at first I thought it was the Sydney Opera House. But it isn't - and it looks like I'll have to wait for some shots from Down Under since you can't buy the Nokia 808 PureView over there  (Oh by the way, Nokia - please change that and send a few dozens over, you'd be making so many fans extremely grateful...)

So these pictures prove to be all the more interesting - an amazing architecture I have never seen before in my life... How come? Do I not read enough? Is this place hidden somewhere? Should noone know about it?

According to photographer Adbul Rehman, the Lotus Temple is one of the most remarkable architectures of Bahai faith. It is located at Kalkaji in New Delhi. The temple has the capacity to accommodate nearly 2500 people and has nine doors that open in a central hall.

I had no idea something this beautiful even existed on the planet. That's what I like about the Nokia 808 PureView: it's a special kind of focus on the world, shared by people like Adbul Rehman. I just borrowed a few from his great shots, you'll find them all on Flickr.

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