Juha Alakarhu talks PureView in Vegas

I'm a bit surprised that Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging technologies at Nokia, appears on Nokia Conversations from the CES in Las Vegas - in something that looks like a Nokia stand even. You should read the full story there, I'll just borrow some quotes I think are interesting enough for you to read here as well.

"I think it’s important to underscore that PureView doesn’t mean any specific technology, It’s the latest and greatest in imaging. When you buy a Nokia phone with PureView, you are getting our highest quality imaging innovation. Nokia 808 PureView solved the problem of zooming and sharpness, and for Nokia Lumia 920, it was low light.

 “Imaging is extremely subjective, and you can always make something better. We’re really driving innovation in key areas to deepen and enrich the imaging experience. I can’t tell you about the specific things we’re working on. Safe to say it’s very cool.”

"We’re looking at imaging holistically, from optics to display, and working on all of those to improve. It’s very complicated, and the trick is to make all these building blocks work well together, But it’s not just purely hardware innovation. You need to get the software to work as well. That’s the real beauty — that’s what makes a truly amazing solution."

So there is more to come, but it's hard to make up if we should be holding our breath for new hardware to be announced at MWC - in other words, a new Lumia - or "just" new imaging applications like Cinemagraph. About the last, Juha says  in the interview:

"It’s a real eye-opener. It blurs the line between photography and videography, You can do a lot of really cool things with Cinemagraph. It might just be a small part of the image that’s moving, something really subtle, but the effect can be truly mind-blowing. 

There’s also the whole social side of imaging. People mostly used to take pictures and print them on paper, and today, we’re sharing our photos on Facebook, and you’ll get comments from your friends. I’d like to evolve that interaction, share new content in new ways.”

My guess is Nokia will announce a new Lumia during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - and some pretty cool features Nokia thought of together with the team members of Scalado, as you can see in their showcases here. From the hardware I've read it will probably be aluminium again, like the N8 and E7. That's pretty cool I think. To be continued, no doubt :-)

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