San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts in 38MP

This is amazing. I saw two shots in my timeline on Twitter ( @pureviewclub) in which Michael Samarin shared two shots of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco - one in 4:3 full resolution (38 MP), and a fantastic  Panaroma shot of the place as well.

Here is a resized version of the 38MP original, which you will find here (warning: 10.7MB download)

Much to my surprise this appears to be in San Francisco, whereas I would have expected it to be in... well, where? Granada? Mexico City? I don't know much about architecture but  this definitely has got nothing to with typical modern American architecture. And still: it's there, in all it's old-fashioned glory.

Here's the panorama shot, resized of course. The original (7152 x 2384) is here.

Thank you Michael, for sharing these great shots. Clear to see why you put #NokiaPoweredMeUp in those tweets - Nokia certainly did!

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