More architecture! From Paris this time. With Nokia 808 PureView. Again.

Weekend, I thought - time to relax (not ;-) Today, I was surprised by some great architectural shots from San Francisco, Mumbai and Bangkok, but suddenly  Michael Samarin came along on Twitter to share these three great shots from Paris - and I just have to share them as well.

You'll find links to the originals in this post, for the usual reasons I resized them quite a bit, since they were all shot in full resolution on the Nokia 808 PureView...

First a great shot of the ancient and modern part of the Louvre... Original here.

Second, the amazingly rich decorated Paris Opera House. Original here

And last but not least, a giant shot of the famous Eiffel Tower ( original here)

This has been an unusual day. Quite a lot architectural shots, most of them in full resolution. I liked it a lot, hope you enjoyed all shots here as well. Have a great weekend!

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