Boats in Groningen, on a cold and grey sunday morning, with the Nokia 808 PureView

Working at a big musical in event in Groningen this weekend ( Eurosonic/Noorderslag), I had to stay the night there. I slept on one of the hotelboats that come to this town especially for this event, since it is visited by thousands of people from all over Europe - and althought Groningen is pretty big, I don't think it offers that kind of hotel facility.

Anyway, late last night I posted a picture  on Twitter showing the entrance hall of the boat, which gave some people the impression I was on some luxurious cruise ship. It was nothing of the kind really (the cabins were quite small actually, but I'm not complaining). I'll post that particular shot here as well, including a night shot from one of the corridors.

Most important reason for me to write this post is to share the shots I made the next cold and grey Sunday morning, of some other classic boats I saw along the canal in the city on my way to the train station. I captured them with the Nokia 808 PureView. All settings are on automatic - winter is returning slowly in The Netherlands and it was a quite cold morning.

First, the entree and corridor I promised

This more or less looks like any hotel corridor - the only difference this one is floating :-)

The next morning: the big boats along the canal. Some of these are "hotelboats" as well, on other boats people live all year. I hope you'll enjoy this Dutch scenery - with some typical Dutch details (and not just the grey sky). And yes, all shots are in their original size in a dedicated set on Flickr as well.

And here in the background, you can see the Museum of Modern Art in Groningen. One of the most excentric buildings in the country - and quite a contrast with the rusty boat...

PS in case you wonder what I do, in daily life I work for a Dutch radiostation and we had a live broadcast from 18.00 Saturday untill 02.00 in the night.  I didn't get to see any gigs though, way too busy at work and it was even more busy in the several concert halls. So that's why I can't offer you any special music recordings with the Nokia 808 PureView this time... Sorry.

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