Incredible: David Detko's Macro Shots of Snow

David Detko is getting acquainted with his Nokia 808 PureView - the one he won here at the PureViewClub - and we're all in for a treat! Today he tweeted a few of the incredible results he got from combining the Nokia 808 PureView with a Minolta MD Rokkor lens.

How he works his miracles, he described here: combining the Minolta lens with the Nokia N9. Do not forget to have a look at the link if you've never seen it before, I promiss you'll be amazed.

Combining the Nokia 808 PureView with it, he achieved some absolutely incredible, microscopic shots of... snow. He shared a few on Twitter (check this guy out, he's worth to follow).

Below, I'll link to his own set on 500px. I was curious if he had any other shots, and he asked if I was interested in all his best results - well, of course!

I started sharing them already in this post. You'll find some of these shots in much larger format on 500px. Remember, these shots are more or less "similar" - I'd advise you to try and look at them seperately.

I only have these 640 x 360 shots from David. You'll find the ones he thinks are very best here at 500px. I have the strong feeling his work will become pretty famous soon. Incredibly talented in his use of "just" a seperate Minolta lens and - of course - the Nokia 808 PureView.

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