Baron Chat now on Nokia Conversations!

A few weeks ago I posted a story " Introducing Baron Chat") and his fascinating photoblog on Tumblr. Reading the reactions on that post, I wasn't the only one to be impressed by his "insane talent" (as someone put it). And today much to my surprise, I saw this interview on Nokia Conversations about how he is one with the Nokia 808 PureView.

I won't quote from it this time, since I feel you should read the whole story there. Because I think it's interesting and yes - I'm kinda proud of it, too. There are now quite a few Nokia 808 photographers I'm proud to feature, and a few I think really are "insanely talented". One of them is of course David Detko (check his last macro shots of snow), and the other one is Baron Chat.

I will only leave a seperate link to his Tumblr blog. Visit it, you'll be amazed, I'm convinced - this guy never fails to amaze me.

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