Photosynth is on its way to the Lumia 920

Just a very short update to inform you that - according to WPCentral -   Photosynth appears to be on it's way to the Nokia Lumia 920 - about time, I'd say! Apparantly there has been some  "driver issues on a few important phones" (see the tweet from @Photosynth).

I  have worked a bit with Photosynth on previous Lumia's and it's a truly amazing experience to show what you captured in 3D on your phone - or online, since you can share the results on the Photosynth website. I. Can't. Wait.

Just like I can't wait for the update of the Lumia 920 to the latest PR1.1 upgrade (Portico). I still really don't understand why a few of the important launching countries in Europe (Germany, France and UK) have to wait for so long to be able to upgrade...

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