Nokia and The Portico Mystery

Yes, it sounds a bit like a pretty cheap thriller, doesn't it? Well, in a way, it is. I really don't get it. I've been complaining about the US getting the Portico update - updating the Nokia Lumia 920 to PR 1.1 - way before the other launching countries in Europe (like Germany, France, Italy and the UK).

I've started quite a pathetic twitter petition, asking people to RT a message begging @Nokia and @selop (being CEO Stephen Elop) to offer the Portico update to Europe as soon as possible. Quite a lot of people retweeted that message, but there was not one reaction nevertheless.

That didn't really surprise me.

When I complained once again about it in my Twitter timeline, someone suggested I should be patient until all the bugs were eliminated. Wait for a perfect update. And I kind of understood, since sure, in the past too many early adopters have been abused as voluntary software testers (starting with the N96 and N97 in particular).

But now, I know (for a fact) that the new customers buying the Nokia Lumia 920 in the Netherlands will get the device with the PR1.1 software: Portico. I just learned a friend in Mumbai got the device with the latest software as well. So quite simply put: it's out there. It's not being tested anymore, it's already available on the newest devices.

So why is the newest software version of this very expensive smartphone not pushed to the early adopters? I just don't get it... Anyone?

(I borrowed the pic from PhoneArena since I can't make it myself - thanks guys).

Update: there was some positive news today about the start of a global roll-out of the Portico update, but that proved to be too optimistic, I now read on WPCentral. Insert four letters here [....]

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