In perfect light

I've been featuring this modern Museum of Vision and Sound in Hilversum before. It's an incredible and beautiful landmark I think (not everyone in town agrees with me though). I love this amazing building and I'm always happy to capture it with my Nokia 808 PureView or Lumia 920.

Here is the first post (june 9 last year, I only just had the Nokia 808!) and here you'll find some sunny shots I made with the Lumia 920. First one of the shots from half a year ago:

As I've written before, the outside is covered with enormous panels of colorful glass. Each pair of panels represents a shot out of Dutch television history (the archive). It’s hard to recognize a few , it’s simply impossible to recognize all scenes, since they are all covered in bright vibrant colors. So, it’s art, simply put. You know it’s there, but you can’t recognize it. Love that kind of thing.

Yesterday, however, the lighting was almost perfect to have a look at the scenes on the panels. For the first time, I actually could make out the fine engravements on the immense glass panels. I made several shots I'm sharing with you in this post.

First, a resized version of a full resolution, 34MP shot.

Next, zooming in with the Nokia 808 PureView from the same distance

Yet closer

A crop from this shot:

And last but not least: a long crop from the 34MP original

Finally, I could clearly see the engravements in the glass. If you like this as well, you can enjoy looking at the details yourself, since - as you are used to by now - all originals are on Flickr - I added them to some of my previous  shots of this amazing building.

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