For the love of Nokia Mobile Photography

This evening I saw some shots from someone who is just as passionate about mobile photography as I am. Yash Maheshwari, comes from Nagpur in India and is part of the Unleashthephones team. This evening he tweeted a few of his mobile shots since 2008 and the more I saw of them the more I became fascinated by what he has captured in the last five years - with his Nokia smartphones.

Now I don't work for Nokia, and I don't think he does either. And although I only post about PureView technology here, these shots are showing where PureView came from - I'm sure Damian Dinning would agree. So for one post, I will include a lot of "pre-PureView" shots, coming from other Nokia's like N73, N86, N8 and also the Nokia 808 PureView. 

It's a very diverse selection as he presented them this evening on Twitter. Keeping your mouse on the picture you will see what mobile camera as used.

More after the break, don't hesitate to click! :-) 

Like I wrote, all his mobile shots are on Flickr. I hope you´ll enjoy them as much as I did!

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