Nokia Time Warp IV: unpacking the Nokia N900, captured with the Nokia 808

I'm travelling at warp speed this weekend! Yesterday you've seen Nokia Time Warp III (unpacking the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic) and in case you've missed them, I already wrote "Time Warps" with the Nokia 7650 and Nokia 9000 Communicator. I'm not doing this for sentimental reasons by the way, but as an hommage to Nokia's incredible innovative power. The 7650 being the first smartphone with a camera built-in, the 9000 being the first PDA smartphone device to get you online. The Nokia 5800 marks the first Symbian touchscreen device (which was about time I'd have to add) and the Nokia N900 was the first (and last) smartphone on the brilliant MaeMo 5 platform. You´ll find all information about the Nokia N900 on Wikipedia, here you will find what it looked like when you would unpack this device in 2009 - it's not that long ago, but this industry moves at warp speed, too. Of course - that's the whole idea - I'm capturing the unpacking with the Nokia 808 PureView. This is the box - not at all as colorful as the previous ones: Nokia changed to the kind of minimalistic packaging that is much better for the environment, and a lot cheaper too. Visually, there is less to enjoy though, there's nothing I can do about it... And this is what you when you open the box... I'm not sure at the moment if it's any different from the inside of say the box of the N8, but this is black (not blue). Tons of shots after the break!  And here, in plastic (!) the Nokia N900.. Under the plastic that holds the N900 you'll find the accessories. And two booklets (above and below) The backside with the camera cover closed And opening the lens cover you'll start the camera application Same angle, without the cover, you'll get a closer look at the 5MP camera sensor and see there's room for a micro-SD. The battery is the Nokia BL-5J 1320 mAh Li-Ion. Below the battery there is room for the simcard. Bought a new prepaid card, since for some reason I couldn't find my WiFi network without one. In French you'll read a warning that listening to the headset too loud might damage your ears. And - to be complete - the back cover itself. Finally: the Nokia N900 opened: And a few close-up shots from all sides. Notice you'll find a speaker on each side. In case you think it looks damaged on the corners, it's not, it's the reflection of the window. There is one little scratch on the front corner below the part that holds the screen though. Didn't notice it until this shot :-) Starting up... ...and Connecting People! :-) The homescreen of the Nokia N900 And of course, there is a stylus for the resistive touchscreen The menu (it's in Dutch, sorry) And the browser :-) That's all for this Nokia Time Warp, I really hope you enjoyed it! And before you think I'm overflowing with cash buying all kinds of classic smartphones... I'm not, really. The previous Time Warp was with a borrowed device, and I found this Nokia N900 in mint condition at a ridilous, irresistable price. However, if you like what I'm doing and think it's worth more than just your time, please consider making a donation. The PureViewClub is costing me more than it makes as it is, so if you have PayPal, check that little button on the right side of this page - every donation is welcome, thank you in advance! And to repay the favor, here's one shot of the Nokia N900, capturing the Nokia 808 PureView (using the flash). I'll make some more shots in the future with the N900, it has a pretty good camera!

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