My protective case cover for the Lumia 920

Yes sure, lots of talk and videos about how "unbreakable" the Nokia Lumia 920 is, but still - I use a case cover. Why? Because you can't beat gravity. I haven't dropped my Lumia yet, but there is always a first time and you know the first time hurts the most.

So here it is, my protective case for the Lumia 920. I just made some shots for inspiration. It doesn't look that bad at all, and if you know these protective case are really cheap (like around $5 on Amazon) you might think about it too. This is just one example, there are much more available already - this one is transparant though, so you will still see the genuine color.

This one will give you a tight grip on the Lumia as well. The only time I really need it out of this case is when I need to take a picture with flash. There is some reflection in the plastic that will affect your shot.

Sure, your Lumia 920 will certainly feel a lot better without it, but that goes for more situations where it's better to get protection than to be sorry you didn't later (like wearing a helmet on a motorbike).

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