Portico spotted in Europe (Germany and Italy)

I read a message in my timeline (please join) that one of my German followers (TechGeek aka @pureview1000) was downloading what he suspected to be the Portico update we're all waiting for. He shared a screenshot (below).

But then, unfortenately, had had to go to work and couldn't wait for the update to finish (he has no WiFi at work, those who do like myself, should be aware this is a luxury). From SymbianTweet, I understand the update is rolling out on the German Vodafone versions of the Lumia 920 and 820, mentioning the German  WParea and Italian Plaffo as their source.

Now what I would like to know:
does this - for now - only apply to Vodafone branded versions in Germany?
Is the update coming to all Italian devices, no matter what network?
Any signs of Portico in France or the United Kingdom?

Any confirmation would be welcome. Here in The Netherlands still nothing (not on my device at least), but it shouldn't take too long now. Be sure you are connected to WiFi before you hit that "check for updates" button!

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