Close-ups of our cat, with the Nokia Lumia 920

Yes, I do requests (sometimes). It was in this recent  PrrrView post that I was asked to get real close to our cat, but with the Nokia Lumia 920, to see "the amount of fur, errrr detail, the Lumia can catch". Well, this morning I did.

First let me describe the situation. He had been outside for about 6 minutes, since he detests the cold snow covering our garden. Here he's lying on a cushion on the floor, enjoying the warmth of our central heating, making funny noises in his excitement seeing little birds get really close behind the glass door.

So I was on the floor too, with the Lumia 920 in "close up" mode. And yes, in the first shot he is a bit distracted by the camera. Actually I was suprised to get this close without disturbing him enough to walk away - and to still get a pretty sharp shot. Good to mention I don't have the Portico update yet!

If you want to have a look at all the furry detail, I've added the originals to my " All animals are equal" set on Flickr :-)

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