"Nokia EOS, a true PureView Windows Phone"

The Verge has the news we have all been waiting for I guess... They published it  today and I will quote it in full.

"Nokia is planning a true PureView Windows Phone, The Verge has learned. Codenamed EOS, sources familiar with Nokia's plans have revealed that the device will include a similar sensor that's found on Nokia's 808 PureView handset. The upgraded sensor for Windows Phone means the EOS will be ranged as a high-end Lumia in the company's range of devices for 2013. We understand that the EOS will be built using aluminum, rather than the typical polycarbonate found on recent Lumia Windows Phones."

"AT&T will stock the handset later this year, according to our sources. With an aluminum body and squared edges, the EOS is part of a fresh design cycle for Nokia's Lumia handsets that focuses on a new look. We understand that the company is planning a Lumia 920 replacement in the form of Catwalk that will also include an aluminum body, and another mid-range device expected to debut in early summer. Nokia is also buildingits own Windows RT tablet that is set to debut in early 2013."

Now, notice they mention a "similar" sensor as in the Nokia 808 PureView, not necessarily the same. It would surprise me, since the original 41MP sensor is very big - the original PureView phone is thick for a reason To be honest, personally I'm not overwhelmed with the thought of a new aluminium smartphone. Of course, I liked the N8 (and E7) a lot, but we have seen this kind of material is very vulnerable too...

During my visit to Cologne's Photokina, I've already understood it's going to be extremely exciting, but no-one would suggest anything more than that. Anyway, all the more reason to look forward to the  Mobile World Congress (end of February) and everything that will no doubt leak once more before all official announcements.

PS interestingly enough, there's quite a lot you can find about a Nokia codenamed EOS, like here in 2011 for instance.

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