A new day, a new Nokia 808 PureView shot

Since the first day of the new year, London based engineer Paul Waby has been posting shots from his Nokia 808 PureView every day. He published them on Flickr and on Twitter. And since we follow each other on Twitter, I'm enjoying his new shots every day.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of his shots to inspire you to follow him as well. There's no guarantee you'll get a daily mind-blowing masterpiece, but I think it's interesting enough to see the results he's getting from his Nokia 808 PureView.

And even better: I asked Paul Waby to write something about his project as well. You will read his explanation below as well. Read all about it below (in italic):

Much more shots and the full story after the break, don't hesitate to click, it's worth it! :-)

Several year ago, my brother completed a photo a day challenge, I was envious of both of his photographic skills, but mainly how he always seemed to pull a decent shot out of the bag every day. He is the digitisation manager of the national library in Wales, UK, he studied photography, it's his job.

When I bought my 808 last year, I was astounded that I could, in many circumstances get a decent photo, comparable to my DSLR (Canon 550D). My brother had always used a DSLR for his photo of a day.

As a photographic pro, he has always been a little suspicious of mobile photography, and like me is generally disappointed with the huge amount of very poorly taken photo's that fill Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

My challenge then, was not only to try produce an interesting daily feed of pictures, but to produce them with a single mobile device. I am less than 10% through this task, and clearly the difficulty is trying to find worthy subject matter. 

I hope to produce a few great shots, many OK shots, and a few poor ones, when I'm tired or have run out of time. 

It is amazing how it has changed my view on the world, everything I do everyday, in the back of my mind is "would this make a good image". I have much bigger advantage as well, as my camera fits in my pocket, and does not need a suite of lenses.

My Brother's Photo a day set is here, of course its not Pureview, but it was my inspiration. (and he has some fabulous photo's  here)

I allow myself to crop images, and minor contrast and brightness adjustments. I usually edit in camera, sometimes I edit in IRFAN view which is a great free PC image editing package.

My work flow is simplePureview to capture --> Minor edits in phone --> Cutebox (Dropbox client) --> edit on PC or IPAD --> upload to FLICKR --> Link FLICKR post to twitter.

Sometimes I lose the EXIF data, I'm not always sure how, it could be if I email the image to my PC (sometimes I do this) or If I crop the picture on SNAPSEED, which is a great free Google application.

One thing is certain: the original image always comes from my phone. I take about 20-30 pictures a day, often of the same scene at different exposure values and with / without the ND filter.

I'm no Pro, but I hope to improve my photographic skills throughout the year, I really like the quality and limitations of this single small mobile device. Most of my friends can't believe these pictures come from a phone !

Well, I think that read like an interview. So thank you, Paul Waby, for sharing your shots and all this background information! I must say it looks like quite a challenge to make an interesting shot every day for a year! If you're on Twitter and you want to see how he's doing, follow Paul.

Once more, you'll find all of Paul's shots here - what you see in this post is just a resized selection. These shots inspire me to be much more aware of what I see every day. Probably so many possibly fantastic shots pass unnoticed.

One question intrigues me though: what does his brother think of what Paul does with the Nokia 808 PureView?

(PureViewClub is on  Twitter and  Facebook)