Unpacking the Nokia Lumia 820 - shot with the Lumia 920 and 808 PureView

This must seem pretty decadent, but let me assure you the Nokia Lumia 820 is just a review sample returning to Nokia's PR Office in the Netherlands soon. I asked for one to make some unpacking shots, this time with its bigger brother the Lumia 920.

You will find those shots in this post, combined with a few shots I made of both Lumia's with - of course - the Nokia 808 PureView. First: unpacking the Lumia 820 of course starts with a few shots of the box...

I've opened it like it's a classic striptease...

And here it is - even freed from it's thin plastic dress :-)

Just to show the Nokia Lumia 920 can make some pretty decent close-ups...

Here's an illustration (from the box) how to open the Lumia 820. You'll need to use some force, but it's not that hard.

After opening the Lumia 820 I was surprised by the shape of the battery

Here it is in detail, the Nokia 8P-ST 1650 mAh

A better look at the Carl Zeiss sensor

Another interesting detail: room for a micro-SD card - quite an advantage over the Lumia 920, although that boasts a 32GB mass memory

In the Netherlands - to make up for having to wait so long - Nokia sells the Lumia 820 including the wireless charging cover.

Just to show the headset is in matching color, just like with the Lumia 920. It has earbuds in several sizes, too.

Next some shots I made of both devices with the Nokia 808 PureView. That both are yellow is a coincidence by the way, but practicle for a comparison.

In some shots you will see the Lumia 920 seems a bit darker but that really depends on the light you are in. There's not much of a difference except for the material used (leading to different color impressions)

Big difference in screensize

Easy to see how much wider the Nokia Lumia 920 is in this shot

And how much taller it is in this one...

To conclude, once more, the Lumia 920 on top of the 820, no showing the top side.

That's it as far as the shots are concerned. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the Nokia Lumia 820. I hear its camera is pretty good also, I'm hoping to make some shots in the coming weeks (as long as I can use it, that is).

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