Warming thoughts on a Sunday morning

This morning, I noticed some PureViewClub followers on Twitter communicating - one from Mumbai, one from Jakarta, one from Los Angeles. They are thousands of miles apart, and yet their passion for mobile photography brought them together.

I always suspected the passion for PureView technology would be some kind of "niche". That's why I started the club in English - I knew a blog like this wouldn't stand a chance in Dutch, since the Nokia 808 PureView would never be much of a success in a country where iOS and Android rule and Windows Phone might stand a chance in the future. But not Symbian (alas).

Now, the PureViewClub gets visitors from Venezuala to New-Zealand and pretty much every country in between - the top five are United States, India, Finland, Great-Britain and Germany... It's really amazing to see how many people are interested in this very special "niche" of photography - not just mobile, but PureView. The Forum by now has more than 300 members from all over the world exchanging information: feel free to join them as well!

And it's so great to see that PureViewClub "members" are actually interacting in times zones that are more than 12 hours apart. Thinking about that, this morning I suddenly realized the PureViewClub is in fact connecting people... A great thought to start the day with...

Thank you all for joining the PureViewClub.