Nokia Time Warp VI: unpacking the Nokia E7, captured with the Nokia 808

Earlier today, I published some shots of the N8 in Nokia Time Warp nr. 5. And I promised another trip down memory lane with a device from the same year, 2010 - like a twin brother, but very different. The Nokia E7 is one of the most beautiful designed devices Nokia has ever produced if you ask me. Closed, it looks very similar to the N8, but it has the qwerty keyboard when you slide it open. I was lucky to find a silver version in a near-mint condition, complete with all accessories in the original box. It wasn't a bargain, but I think it was worth it. So that makes for a nice "double bill" combined with the Nokia N8 Time Warp today. I hope you'll like these shots as much as I enjoyed making them! First: the box! In carton, here is the device itself... An explanation how to open it. I've seen quite some people flipping it open and dropping it (or almost). That's why so many E7's have a bit of damage on the body. It's a special technique, but once you are used to it just perfect. Content of the box - exactly the same accessories as its twin brother the Nokia N8. The booklet that comes with it. The device itself - again, you're going to see shots from all sides... The left side only has the "standby/wake" button. On top, you'll find micro-USD, HDMI out, on/off button and audio. On the other side, the place for the simcard (no room for micro-SD) and a dedicated zoom-button next to it. Here a better view of the dedicated camera button (it will start the camera as well), zoom button and simcard slot. The zoom button is a bit confusing when you are used to the N8 - on that device, it's the standby/wake-button... And the last shot of the side... And the bottom part in detail. The back (hardly any scratches even!), showing the 8MP lens - but without the "Carl Zeis" brand (and you'll notice that as well because it's not the best camera module ever found in a Nokia device...) Same routine, now with the Nokia E7 opened, showing it from all sides. I totally love this design. Connecting people... And started up... In the next Nokia Time Warp, I will go back some further in time. Not quite sure with which device, but I've been collecting quite a few so we'll have lots of travelling to do! :-) Don’t miss the other posts in this series!

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