Incredible panorama from a town in Finland

This is just a link I can share with you, to a very detailed panorama shot by photographer  Kimmo Juoperi, who realised it with his Nokia 808 PureView and Gigapan, a site where you can stitch your shots together and get some incredible results.

I have been working with a similar service, Microsoft's Photosynth (for which I'm still waiting on Windows Phone 8 by the way), so I know it's not easy to get exactly the right shots to have the program stitch them seamless together as one.

Kimmo succeeded very well near the lake of the small Finnish town Valkeakoski, and I think shots like these will prove to be an inspiration to many. But I can do a bit more than just the link (below) and give you a few examples with some screenshots.

First, I'll show you a screendump of the complete result. I resized it to fit this post, of course.

Next, a crop from the screendump, to show you some detail - of course, this isn't the best quality

And this is a screendump of the detail you get when you zoom in with the program. As you can see on the slider bar on the left, we're only on 50% in this case.

Did you notice the small red house under the bridge? Here's a screendump of what you can expect when you zoom in 100%

It's just a few examples, and I think this one panorama will give you a lot more to look at! And I know that as soon as I am at some interesting kind of panorama - and I have enough time on my hands to make tons of pictures - I will try this as well.

Click here, zoom in and pan to see the full result.

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