Nokia Conversations on graphene technology

An interesting coincidence, shortly before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Nokia Conversations is writing about the use of Graphene technology.

I'll quote the first lines: "Today, ‘the future’ just got a little more present, thanks to news that the  Graphene Flagship Consortium, a collection of industry and academic partners – including Nokia – looking to improve the world using graphene, was chosen by the European Union for the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program, triggering an investment of 1 billion euros that will be spread over the next 10 years."

So that means that a lot of money will be invested  in the development of graphene technology. Why is this interesting? Because last year - thinking about how the Nokia Lumia 920 could possibly offer the same imaging quality if the device wouldn't offer the same 41MP sensor of the 808 PureView - I wrote about a publication on (via  WPCentral). You'll find that post here

Now this is the kind of high-tech defining our future, and that's not the kind of stuff I can write about easily. But I think it's interesting to see an announcement like this on Nokia Conversations. Is it just a coincidence? Holler if you know more about it, or think you do. Meanwhile you'll find more information in the post over at Nokia Conversations.