The snowy mountains tops near Vienna

You might have noticed I complain about the weather in The Netherlands quite a bit. First it's a Dutch habit, so it's in my genes, forgive me. Second, we live in a sea climate here (like in the UK, but the Brits never complain that much about it), and it's often very cloudy or just raining for days or even weeks - your mileage may vary. Even on dry winter days when the country is plastered with snow, we hardly get to enjoy the bright sunshine to make the landscape mesmerezing.

I guess that's why I'm so enchanted by these shots sent to me by Wolfgang from WarmeKueche in Vienna. I wrote about his work with the Nokia 808 PureView before - in the kitchen of his restaurant. This time he sent me some shots from his bicycle trip about an hour from Vienna, (with his sweet dog, apparantly) and the Nokia 808 PureView in winter mode. I love these shots as much as I love to share them. Enjoy!

And yes, you will find the originals in the PureViewClub Friends Set on Flickr.

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