Fullspeed downhill on Sled Dogs snowskates

More snow in the next video: you'll see someone going downhill at incredible speed, just using Sled Dogs snowskates - no skis. I never heard of these and my guess is you haven't either, so here's a shot I found in the same post over at YouTube. It was filmed with the Nokia Lumia 920.

From the text published on YouTube I'll quote:

We were seriously amazed at the stable image and good quality from a puny phone...I am after all following a guy who is sking without any skis, and so did I when I filmed, holding the phone just in my hands. I did not dear to follow him in the worst parts of the Kvitfjell Olympic downhill slope...that would be risking my life and limbs :O 

So I followed him in a more safe part of the slope, but we still got quite fast. And the Lumia was amazingly stable. We got a 3. friend to film the whole with his iPhone 4 (he was standing still though), so one could see that we both were using sled dogs and no skis, and that I had no professional equipment...unless you call a Lumia 920 professional camera equipment.

Curious about this sensational optical image stabilisation demo? Here's the video - enjoy! :-)

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