A last (?) Nokia 808 video from Topolino70!

Here is what might be the last video shot by who I really believe is a true artist with the Nokia 808 PureView: Topolino70 from Finland. I have featured his work many times before here at the PureViewClub, and I'm completely surprised by this new production, since I know he had to send his 808 PureView back to Nokia (something I will never understand).

I don't just admire what he does, I adore it. I think his videos are absolutely stunning and I'm amazed about what he has been able to do with the material that didn't fit in his previous productions before. Here's what he wrote to it:

During last autumn I recorded lots of great video material which did not fit to my previously released 808 videos. Nevertheless material was not by means worse - on the contrary. So I finally had time and motivation to collect the remained 808 video material to this video which I made to fit Tchaikovsky's Vals de las flore composition.

All material recorded using Nokia 808 Pureview + Velbon C-600 tripod. I attached 808 to tripod using adapter of my own design. If you are interested my tripod adapter design, check my channel for video "How to attach Nokia N8 to a tripod...". What is said about N8 applies straight to 808 also. Video edited using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD platinum 11.

Music is performed by London Festival Orhestra. I don't own music and no copyright infringement intented.

Ready? Don't forget to choose 1080p if your internet connection is fast enough, close all other applications, watch fullscreen, put the volume louder and just enjoy what the Nokia 808 Pureview can do for you. I'm quite sure you'll be amazed...

Via  NokiaGadgets

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