The Guardian: "41MP coming to the next Lumia"

No, I don't believe it, and I'm not really into rumours. But thanks to the English Guardian "rumour has it" that Nokia will announce a 41MP camerasensor in the next high-end Lumia during the MWC in Barcelona. Here is the source, and Gizmodo is quoting from it with a question mark.

Here is what the source has to quote: " Nokia is finally bringing its "revolutionary" 41-megapixel Pureview sensor to its Lumia range of  Windows Phone handsets, according to sources close to the Finnish handset maker. The new model will be known as EOS, and will launch in the summer in the US."

The only really interesting thing I tend to take believe is a possible launch in summer - in the US (of course). After that an impressive amount of text follows, without any news, really. The article concludes with "Nokia declined to confirm the EOS news officially. A spokesman said: "While we are delighted with the attention the Nokia Lumia range continues to gather, it has been our long-held policy not to comment on market rumours or speculation." No surprise there.

Gizmodo is doubting some of what the Guardian is bringing: using EOS in the name would certainly get Nokia in trouble with Canon, but they keep their hopes up for the 41MP sensor: "Why would Nokia develop a sophisticated imaging technology only to abandon it? What's more, Nokia reps have told us that there would be big PureView news in the near future, maybe this is what they've got in mind? We sure hope so."

Well, I sure hope so as well, but I'm not holding my breath. As far as I know EOS is just a codename, and Windows Phone is not able to support a sensor that big. We'll see. I'm going to Barcelona and hope to be in front row during the press conference. So please: do follow @PureViewClub on Twitter, I'll be reporting live :-)

PS Did you notice that detailed shot of the Nokia 808 PureView lens? Captured it with another Nokia 808 PureView. Just love it. 

Update: in a more recent post you'll see that the leak of a Nokia design patent, leads to my conclusion that an older snapshot of a concept Nokia PureView Windows Phone with an 41MP sensor, is a real concept after all