HTC publishes an incredible amount of crap in its "Brief History of Photography"

I was going to ignore this, but getting many questions about it, and now even reading about it on The Verge, I guess I'll just have to: HTC is publishing an incredible amount of crap on its official blog.

Promoting the upcoming HTC M7, which is supposed to offer "a new camera experience" this year, HTC published a " brief history of photography", giving itself a hell of a lot more credit for the development in mobile imaging than I would think possible.

It mentions the Japanese Kyocera VP210 as the first cameraphone, which is correct in itself - but it's quite childish not to mention the Nokia 7650 at all... Then it says: "Pixel numbers for camera phones are increasing quickly. Picture quality does not improve." Anyone with a bit of experience in this field knows that's utter nonsense.

But it gets even worse: next we suddenly see a few HTC devices in this all too short history which leads to a few more "mistakes" - the HTC Droid Incredible with 8MP from 2010 and the HTC Evo 3D from 2011.

First, the HTC Droid Incredible was not the first with a 8MP sensor - not by far. Already in 2008 Samsung produces the INNOV8, Sony Ericsson the C905 and LG the Renoir. In 2009 Sony has the X10, Nokia the N86. I might add that Nokia already produced it's masterpiece N8 with a 12MP camerasensor in 2010.

Second, the HTC Evo 3D was not the first smartphone to shoot pictures and video in 3D, that was the LG Optimus 3D Speed. And I'm pretty sure HTC knows that as well. They just don't like things the way they are I guess. Just like these phones didn't sell at all.

And than all of a sudden, the author reaches the iPhone 4. Not a word on all achievements by Nokia AND by Sony Ericsson in the field of mobile photography. Not a word on the fantastic work Carl Zeiss has done. Not one mention of some very good smartphone cameras by Samsung and Sony either.

To add insult to injury, it says "The megapixel wars escalate. Nokia's 808 PureView premieres with 41 megapixels. Causes one reviewer to note this "won't help you at all".

I'm amazed, really.

The megapixel war was in fact long over - everybody seemed quite happy with 8MP and 12MP (for the Nokia N8 and Xperia S), although HTC pushed the limit to 16MP in the HTC Titan II from last year (they can't even get their own history straight!).

It's The Verge that found where the quote from the "one reviewer" came from, namely Gizmodo, claiming that after a certain point megapixels don't matter. It was written just after the announcement so the author didn't have a clue either. Well, we can laugh about that article now - and HTC knows that, too.

I think it's very sad that HTC seems to be proud of or having fun publishing all this crap on its official blog. It's not just "mocking Nokia", it's making a complete mess of a fascinating part of our recent history, giving itself much more credit than it deserves. I used to respect that company, the way it's trying to keep their (modest) place in the smartphone market. But this is is absolutely pathetic.

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