Nokia Time Warp VII: unpacking the Nokia N86, captured with the Nokia 808

I've been collecting quite some devices during the past few weeks, to continu what once started spontaneously, but is now becoming a series of posts: the  Nokia Time Warp. The Nokia Time Warp is all about unpacking classic Nokia devices as if they were really new, and capturing that with the Nokia 808 PureView - the camphone that wasn't around in those days. It's not like any breaking news, it's about fresh captured old memories, part of the Nokia passion - oh well, I'm sure you'll understand. It's really hard to get those older devices in mint condition for a reasonable price, and this one I think really is a great find: the Nokia N86! Except for the package the device is literally brand new: the owner received it because his original N86 couldn't be repaired. Waiting for the repair he bought a new smartphone and never used the N86 Nokia sent to him. Two more shots from the box: Opening the box... yes, it's the white version! Notice the screen protector is still in place. First, what's underneath... Lots of promo material for Ovi Store and N-Gage The headset looks pretty neat!  The flash was blowing out some of the shots though (like the one above...), so most of the rest of this Time Warp is without flash. The N86 was under the kitchen lamp which is not as bright white as I'd like, but going outside was not an option (and I don't have studio lamps at home). So here it is: though not as white as in real life, the N86, without the back cover and battery. Same shot, more or less, lens cap opened (it will start the camera, by the way) Another point of view... Battery inserted. It's t he BL-5K you'll also find in the N85, C7, X7 and C7. Next, a few close-ups of the (closed) device without flash. You will see the mint condition of this N86 in the reflection... Opening up... The keyboard from different angles... Next, two shots I completely forgot to make in the first place! Sliding the upper part in the other direction... Don't ask me how I could forget, I don't know.   In my hand, to give you an impression of the size of this charming smartphone. Connecting People... To finish, some shots of the Symban S60 menu. In fact, the last shot shows you best how white it actually is. Like I said the lamp in my kitchen isn't as white as I'd like to for a shoot like this, but I think gave you a good impression of what the N86 looks like, and I hope I'll have brought back some sweet memories with some of you. I've just recently fallen in love with this small N86. I never owned one before and now, years later, I discovered it to be a very charming device. And: it has a pretty good cam too. As a friendly farewell to this Nokia Time Warp VII , here's a snapshot the N86 made of the white Nokia 808 PureView :-)

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