The "fake" Nokia 41MP PureView Windows Phone proven to be a real concept after all

I'm not very comfortable with rumours. Problem with them in the digital world is they have a neverending echo - once posted, it's almost impossible to stop them even if they're proven wrong.

But this rumour at least proves something. A design patent that surfaced recently has made one think pretty clear for me: an old snapshot from a presentation that was widespread all over the web, appears to be a real concept (at least) after all.

I saw some striking similarities, and I just like to share my excitement. Here's the fresh contribution to the rumour mill, coming from - a new Nokia device revealed via design patent:

Now this design fits very well into a device shown in a video shared long ago (below, from august 2011!) by WMExperts.

Some people believe this video is fake, but it's obviously filmed during an inside presentation, so a video from a video shown during a meeting (true, that could be a setup, but I think it's genuine footage).

Here's a still from that video - it's not the best quality, but you'll see where I'm getting at

Does this look familiar to you? It does to me... August last year, I wrote about " my thoughts on the next Lumia PureView". And I shared a picture that was obviously shot during a presentation, a shot you may have seen a few times before and after... And I see a confusing similarity.

The three devices have the same colors - purple, yellow and black - but they are very different at the same time: in the oldest version, you'll see a lens similar to that of the Nokia 808, and in the newer version it looks a lot more like the design from the current Lumias.

To me, it's clear this footage was all shot from a presentation in the heart of the Finnish headquarters - somebody must have taken an incredible risk to share this! As I imagine it now, different designs were shown during that presentation: one with the big sensor from the 808 PureView, one with the smaller version from the Lumia series.

You can already see the typical icons of the Windows Phone platform in the oldest shot, the one with the biggest sensor. Now that a patent has surfaced of the "newest" Lumia design, proves the design that has been going around the internet last year never was fake, but a concept phone that was part of that very same presentation.

I posted the crop from this shot earlier as well, to have a better look at the specifications:

4.3" curved touchscreen with HD display
41MP sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
1080p Ful HD video recording with Rich Recording technology
Dual-core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
Microsoft Windows Phone Operating system.

So these are the specs of the concept PureView Windows Phone, the one that I now think is genuine after all. If its the design Nokia will present during the Mobile World Congress this month remains to be seen. But the leaked patent (at the top of this post) shows a lot more than just one concept phone...

Also, when you look at the video, you'll see some design that hasn't been presented yet - maybe in a few weeks...? It's still running on Windows Phone 7, but the design looks like a nice mid-range smartphone.

I didn't crop this shot on purpose: once more, it's a still from a filmed video presentation: not the video itself, but someone shooting a demonstration that was never meant to go public at all.

What we've seen so far doesn't prove anything about the rumoured 41MP camerasensor in the newest Nokia PureView Windows Phone. It just proves Nokia is working on the whole idea for years already, actually including a 41MP sensor, long before Windows Phone 8 was even designed. And that - to me - is news, after all.

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