Some Dutch winter skies - and lots of snow

Last night, an amazing amount of snow fell here in The Netherlands, and around noon I went outside to make some winter shots with the Nokia 808 PureView.

In the abundant sunlight, the bright white snow itself makes for a fantastic atmosphere, but with everything plastered so to say, I found I really had to look for special forms and compositions. Here's the few I selected - I only later noticed they all have at least some sky in them.

First, shot from directly under a tree, the sunlit branches of a tree covered with... snow

A natural sculpture:

Snowy tree tops against a cloudless sky

Almost against the sunlight gives a result like a Rembrandt etch

And the one I think you´ll like the most: a seemingly endless vertical panorama, shot with the Panorama app in Camera Lover pack.

And yes, you will find all the originals in a specific set on the PureViewClub Flickr Photostream about today's Dutch winter skies (and snow, of course, tons of snow...)

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