Four of my own Nokia 808 PureView shots

In (too) rare posts I have breaking news, sometimes I bring news or just my own views or opinions, sometimes I'll send you over to other blogs I think are worth your time. And sometimes I just share some of my own shots, because I can't just keep publishing other people's shots, right? :-)

At the end of a snow struck Sunday, here are some pictures I've been planning to use earlier. But there is not really one theme or common demoninator - but for the fact they are quite dark, and all shot with the Nokia 808 PureView.

First shot is from the inside of a very old church in Lent, near the medieval town Nijmegen

Next, a shot that's a bit lighter in atmosphere. They are not flowers, but they are... I don't know the English word. Who does? (they are called "little cats" in Dutch, don't ask me why).

A part of the collection of vases my mother has kept for years. Meant to grow flowering bulbs in.

And to conclude, the most "arty" shot I guess I ever made. The painting shows a detail from an old Citroen 2CV - a head light. to be precise. And noticing the spot lighting it, I though it would make for a nice shot. Oh well, you get the idea. Art for art's sake :-)

So that's it for today... Originals are on Flickr, as usual. I even started a selection of random shots. Don't hesitate to give me some feedback! :-)

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