Nokia 808 PureView with 12MP/9MP resolution?

I love stuff like this - but it's confusing as well. I just received four very interesting screenshots from the Nokia 808 PureView, updated to version 113.010.1508 - the same number that was available earlier but Nokia decided to withdraw (you get used to it after a while). I have the same firmware on my Nokia 808 PureView, but it doesn't offer what you will see in these screenshots.

First a clear disclaimer: I'm not into flashing my device (unless I get help and I'm absolutely sure I can't be bricked - I'm not that brave and I'm not promoting it). So just to make absolutely sure: everything you try after this post is at your own risk. There is no way back and I wouldn't even go there.

Now the owner ( @sawanbruins, who is a lot braver than I am) has flashed his Nokia 808 PureView with custom firmware ( Awakening 8). But that doesn't mention anything about 12MP / 9MP in Creative Mode. Moreover, it's supposed to be impossible to tweak the camera software. So that's why it's so confusing...

Here are the screenshots that puzzled us - is it part of an upcoming official Nokia update offering the 9/12MP option in Creative Mode, or part of a tweak we never heard about before? I'm dead sure these shots aren't shopped.

And to conclude, below, you'll find a shot made just now with the Nokia 808 PureView in Creative Mode and 12MP. You'll find the original (4000 x 3000)  here.

 If you have any more information about this surprising phenomena, don't hesitate to share! :-)

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