Nokia 808 PureView: HDR shots - after surgery

This is a bit of an awkward post, since it's very personal, yet not about myself. I've posted about  Pixel Peter here often. Peter Meijs from The Netherlands has contributed a lot to the PureViewClub, like How to make HDR shots on the Nokia 808 PureView, his Review of the HDRapp for the Nokia 808 and How to develop the JPG of your Nokia 808.

Being fascinated with the device, he even brought it to the hospital to have something to do after his surgery... And what better way to recover than making some great shots? As he writes on his own blog:

In late January, I had major open heart surgery and stayed in the hospital for 14 days. My Nokia 808 Pure View being with me obviously. The second week I went across the department with medical disposables on a rack on wheels.

This rack seemed perfect to use as a temporary tripod for some HDR shots. Here you see how that looked and then a detail of the 808 fastened on the rack with rubber bands.

He shared these shots on his blog and with me, and had no objection if I would share them here at the club as well. And I like to, since Peter is showing his neverending passion for the Nokia 808 PureView, because he managed to made some great shots at the hospital as well and - last but not least - since I'm happy he is still going strong.

You'll find his shots below, I added his own short texts to it. Enjoy! :-)

Daylight view

Night view. Confusing because of all that glass working like mirrors.

A surrealistic view of the hospital department.

And to end this article one last picture; it’s a “not HDR” picture but I like the colors of this medicine cabinet.

I'm sure we're all really happy to have you around Peter, so keep 'm coming, your fabulous shots and contributions to the PureViewClub!

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