Nokia Time Warp VIII: unpacking the Nokia N800, captured with the Nokia 808

In case you're new here, you might have missed my Nokia Time Warp series, in which I've been making shots of some classic old Nokia devices in (as good as) mint condition, with the brilliant Nokia 808 PureView: the Nokia 7650, 9000 Communicator, 5800 XpressMusic, N900, N8, E7 and N86. This edition of the Nokia Time Warp is dedicated to one of their first Internet Tablets, the Nokia N800. I'm still hunting for the N770, but I made these shots already quite a while ago and today looks like a fine Sunday to publish them. So here you go, from the large colorful box to backcover: the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Opening the box... Here you can see even the screen protector is still on the device. A leather pouch came with the package as well. The N800 up close - I love the design! From several sides, you'll see the back cover, flipstand, stylus, and audio entrance. With the backcover removed: a classic Mini SD card, no room for a simcard. Maybe not so needless to say you don't see a camera here. You had to push to get a small camera out - for video calling. Switching on... The Nokia N800 in the upright position, showing the MaeMo OS That's all for now folks! Check out the complete series of Nokia Time Warps here:

1.  Nokia 7650 2.  Nokia 9000 Communicator 3.  Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 4.  Nokia N900 5.  Nokia N8 6.  Nokia E7 7.  Nokia N86 8.  Nokia N800 Internet tablet 9.  Nokia N70 10.  Nokia N95 and N95GB 11.  Nokia N73 Music Edition 12.  Nokia N90 13.  Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold Edition 14. Nokia 5110