A fantastic panorama from the French mountains

On Twitter, my French PureView friend @Massis_ shared a fantastic panorama from the mountains  from la Gélinotte in the French Jura (la Vattay, East from the city Grenoble).

I loved that result so much, it made me really curious to see the original panorama. He sent me a link to that, so all I have to do now is share the original shot.

Mind you, it's 15360 x 3780 pixels (58MP, Apple would say :-) but thanks to compression (and not too many details) it's less than 4MB large. Here's the resized version - small of course, since I can only show about 640 pixels wide. But although small, you can really see how perfect this shot is!

But did you notice the sign on the right? Here's a 640 x 360 crop from the original - I'm sure you will be just as amazed as I was!

Absolutely stunning detail, isn't it? Sometimes I love this camera so much I can't even express it anymore. So enjoy the panorama yourself, you'll find the  original here!

Update: as you can see in the reaction, he used 137 vertical images in 16:9 and stitched them in Microsoft's ICE.

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