Monster panorama from the Antwerp Zoo

I shared a great panorama from the French Jura yesterday evening, and pretty quick  Onno Potters from The Netherlands showed me the incredible panorama he made in the Antwerp Zoo. If I understand correctly these are six 32MP shots glued together.

I downloaded the original file, but you shouldn't do that on your mobile, since it is 54,9MB (!) large. Here is a resized version - 644 x 246 pixels

The original has a whopping amount of 15000 x 5900 pixels (88MP, Apple would say :-) and gives an incredible amount of detail. Here's a crop (664 x 664, resized a bit) of the top of the end of the red building.

I can only link to his larger size on Flickr - I tried, but even with a "Pro" account, it's impossible to share a panorama this size on Flickr.

Now since that is a bit too much, I took the liberty of uploading a 50% version on the PureViewClub Flickr Photostream. And if you really want to see the real thing here is the link to  the original file. Mind you, again: it's almost 55MB!

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