About Gizmodo's "Best smartphone camera test"

I'm not sure if I should write about this, but "news" shouldn't go unnoticed, especially when it's about "smartphone photography". Gizmodo is giving me a hard time though, with its  Best Smartphone Camera Test". Why?

Because - to my knowledge - Gizmodo compared not all best smartphone cameras around. It lined up several shots with the Apple iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S III, Google Nexus 4, and: the Blackberry Z10. Yes, they completely left the Nokia 808 PureView out, since it's "better than anything else, but you're never going to buy a Symbian phone". I wonder about that, when the subject is smartphone photography...

Another competitor was left out with a reason: "HTC's flagships come with rubbish cameras. So we didn't bother with those this time around." Hmmm... I remember getting some pretty decent shots from a few HTC devices in the past (Titan, One X), so just stating they come with "rubbish" is overdoing it, I'd say - especially after what HTC is promising with its next flagship, the M7 (or HTC One).

And there's yet another interesting competitor, which isn't even mentioned at all: Sony. I remember the Xperia S as the first smartphone camera that could come close to Nokia's N8 - now that's impressive enough not to be left out completely.

Do I care? Yes, I like fair comparisons. Wish I had more time to compare smartphone cameras, and how they perform in different circumstances. But just leaving out the Nokia 808 PureView because "you're never going to buy Symbian"... That's awkward.

Meanwhile, I hope to be able to get my own smartphone camera comparison in Barcelona, with some well-known and some very new devices. Not sure I'll find the time, so I'm not promising, but trust me I'll try. Meanwhile, be sure to follow the PureViewClub on Twitter, for shots and updates from the Mobile World Congress 2013.

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